A movie file organizer and player

"Movies by CraigWorks" is a free, very simple, and easy to use web application that organizes and play your movie files. 

Familiar web interface

"Movies by CraigWorks" runs as a web server on a Windows computer and is accessible from any device with a web browser.

Imports movie data from the internet

"Movies by CraigWorks" asynchronously imports movie data from the internet as well as supports manual data entry.

Media player

Play movies directly in the browser.   "Movies by CraigWorks" supports most browser's built-in video player and provides a Netflix-like skin.  It also track your recently viewed movies so you never lose your place.

View and navigate through movie data

"Movies by CraigWorks" provides a simple and clean interface to view and navigate through movie information.  It shows movie and person details imported from the web.

Other features:

  • Stream movies to your mobile devices
  • Create user accounts so that each user can customize their look and have their own viewing history
  • Filter what movies or shows are visible in each user account.
  • Supports multiple versions of a movie (e.g. Theatrical Release and Director's Cut)
  • Supports movies that span multiple files (e.g.  Movie LD1.mkv, Movie LD2.mkv)
  • View movie collection statistics with charts
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Release 0.2.39, Windows, English, Release Notes,  February 23rd 2019

System Requirements

Hardware Requirements

Hardware requirements depend on many different factors. If you have a large collection of movies, say 500+, you will need a lot more disk space then the minimum requirement. If your video files are of high quality and/or in a format that requires video transcoding then you will need a fast CPU. Below are recommendations but may not work in all cases depending on your use and media.

  • Dual Intel or AMD CPU
  • Minimum 4-6GB memory
  • Minimum 10GB Space (SSD recommended)

Software Requirements

Below are REQUIRED external software to make the application run. The software runs as a service on a Windows PC. Clients that access the service using a web browser do not require any other external software with one exception which is VLC in Internet Explorer.

  • Window 7/10 (10 is preferred and is use in the testing environment)
  • Java 1.8 runtime.  Click here to download the version that the application was tested with.
  • iTunes or Apple Application Support required to play movies. If you do not want to install iTunes follow the instructions here to extract the Apple Application Support installer from iTunes setup file.
  • Optional 32-bit VLC media player. This is only used by clients using Internet Explorer on Windows OS. Click here to download the latest version.

Recommended Browsers by Operating System

Browsers are listed with the preferred browser first. Preferred browser are used for main development so likely have least amount of bugs. Always try and use the latest version of a chosen browser.

Operating System Browser(s) Notes
Windows Chrome, Firefox, Edge Tested primary with Chrome browser but Firefox and Edge should work.
Mac OS Safari, Chrome Tested on both so use either one. Safari has PIP so that is a plus.
iOS Safari, Chrome For best results, use Safari and add website to home page (standalone mode). Starting the app in standalone mode, puts it in fullscreen mode an gives a better overall experience. However, PIP doesn't seem to work correctly so it's been disabled for now. Also note, the application is not optimized for iPhone yet.
Android Chrome Mostly tested on a Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet (7th Gen).
Chrome OS Chrome? We do not own any Chrome OS computer right now so it's not tested.

Video File Format

  • Best supported video container to use: MKV
  • Best supported video/audio format to use: H.264 / AAC (see below about H.264 profiles)
  • Best supported subtitle format to use: SRT (embedded in the MKV container)

Playing Video Files

Videos are streamed using Apple's Http Live Streaming (HLS) protocol over HTTP.   Videos are segmented in real-time, and if necessary, transcoded into the appropriate format for playing.    Trancoding is a very CPU intensive process that is best avoided by having your videos in a supported H.264 encoding.  The following H.264 profiles are supported: Baseline profile (BP), Main Profile (MP), Extended Profile (XP) , and High Profile (HiP).  The following H.264 profiles are NOT supported and require transcoding to play: High 10 Profile (Hi10P), High 4:2:2 Profile (Hi422P), High 4:4:4 Predictive Profile (Hi444PP) as well as any H.265 encoded videos.  Another reason why videos are trancoded is to embed image-based subtitles.   To avoid, use text based subtitles like srt or webvtt.